BONNEVILLE ELEMENTARY – established 1977

“Our mission, at Bonneville Elementary, is to inspire and support all students to attain high levels of academic achievement and citizenship, through a nurturing and collaborative culture.”

Address:  1245 N. 800 W. Orem, Utah

Phone:  (801) 610-8101

Mascot:  Bronco

School Colors:  Navy & White

Principal:  Shawn Brooks

Bonneville Elementary was dedicated December 8, 1977.  It has experienced renovation and growth and a new addition was added to the building in 2004?  Just recently our front entryway was renovated and improved thanks to donations from the PTA.  Thanks to the recently passed school bond, our school is scheduled to have security updates soon.

We are a BYU partnership school.

Teachers collaborate and work together as teams to provide the best curriculum to the students.  We also have specialty teachers that offer additional instruction to all students in:

  • computer technology
  • art
  • P.E.
  • STEAM (coming 2017-18 school year)

We offer a preschool program for 3 & 4 year olds and Optional Extended-day Kindergarten programs for students who qualify.

School special events:

  • Monday Morning Assemblies
  • “Come Read with Me”
  • Halloween Parade
  • Medieval Feast (6th Grade)
  • Christmas Sing
  • Clear Creek (6th grade)
  • Hope of America
  • Fun Run
  • Art Show
  • Field Day
  • Dance Festival

Additional voluntary programs are offered to students including

  • Battle of the Books
  • Science Fair
  • School Musical

We work to help ALL students succeed by providing quality instruction and intervention.